The following is a first draft of a scene from LIMBO
In the pizzeria
the windows are fogged from the damp warm air the ovens produce. the pizza is soggy, the cheese a mountain to chew through. the people passing outside are shadows on the opaque glass. the cheese glides off in a string, I put the slice back on the plate. Sara laughs. the noises enter; the buzzing of the ovens, the Bosnians chatter behind the counter. Maj says she's read this thing in the news that the Syrians are cutting the throats of babies in front of their mothers, and that they rape the mother in front of their kids, but she wasn't sure that wasn't in Congo. we talk about it just long enough to feel adequately moved by the horror. Silence and chewing. The door opens and a guy steps in immediately greeted loudly by the guy, one of them is Dezin, he's always friendly, I make your pizza extra big and winks at Sara, but they are as big as all the rest of them. Still he's nice. we continue talking. Sara starts complaining about Top Model, that Maria-Louise shouldn't have been thrown out. We get all agitated, arguing heartedly against each others favorites. I watch the guy who's just come in, I don't understand what they're saying, they look happy. The guy gets a cup of tea, Dezin yells in comments from the kitchen. I pour in my coke in the glass. it foams. it almost spills over the edges.​​​​​​​