"The House In The Lake" takes a look on an oppressive and intimate family. We follow the holidays in their remote summer house, the every day and the fragile normality, where the three kids absorb and channels the emotional energies of their parents. The film tags on to the oldest boy, and along side him we experience the flowing boundaries and the delicate balance ruling this family.
Short fiction Germany, 2011, Short film, 18min, color, Super 16, HDCAM SR, 25fps, 1:1,66, Dolby SR, German - subtitles available in English. 
Written and Directed by Anna Sofie Hartmann - Cinematography Matilda Mester - Produced by  Ben von Dobeneck, David Keitsch - Editor Julia Devi Bloch - Sounddesign  Thomas Neumann - Assistant Director Nicole Schink  
CAST Son Enno Trebs - Father Rainer Sellien - Mother Jule Gartzke - Daughter Nele Trebs - Little Brother Paul Wargenau.

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